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CAI CAI Calligraphy Gift

 Chinese Artworks| Customized Gifts|Feng Shui Decoration

▍品牌故事  ▍




梅林隱地 ╳ 隱於世囂的心靈一隅





采采豪禮 ╳ 發揚毫端的豐沛文思





熱門課程 X 線上不停學

Need opening gifts for restaurant / exhibition / activities ? Or a gift for family and friends' new house entry, the company's  business opening ... all the congratulations and gifts you want are here, Even the packaging is ready for you ~ 

Every time the festival is coming, what should a company do to find a suitable gift in seasons? Let CAI CAI help you ! Want to customize a special Chinese art gift that are unique to your brand or company? Welcome to contact us.

As an "international diplomat", calligraphy and painting culture made many foreigners love it.  Foreign VIP guests come to Taiwan for business visits? As a friend of the landlord, it is indispensable to give special local gifts!

Is he / she the person you value and consider important? Then you must not miss the important moments such as birthdays, anniversaries and special holidays!  Take a look at our birthday series! Make gift giving and receiving a moment of enjoyment.

Happy wedding, choose a set of tea ceremony cups, square plates, coasters, delicate cups and plates with rich blessings, and draw unique auspicious words with flowers and birds. Want to write a blessing for a newcomer? Welcome to contact us.

Different from the past baby memorial gifts, at every special moment when the child is four months, six months, and one year old; footprint / handprints are on ceramic plates or porcelain wares, with the blessing words of the artist's handwriting. It's unique gifts for children.

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